Tuesday, June 5, 2012

King of the Punks


"Almost forty-six years old, William Burroughs still had to write home for money."

First of all, by reading any of my posts I wont be mistaken for my literary prowess. I wont be mistaken because that's the way I roll; I do my best thinkin " out walking ." I dont have the time or inclination to study writing.

Imo, Burroughs was a fine writer but a twink,  a spoiled brat rich kid. I prolly wouldnt like him if I ever met him, not even if he tried to get in my pants. But I recognize the occasional brilliance he exudes. Good writers have to be given a pass.

I used to skip school and go to the library; I know it sounds like a contradiction but I just couldnt find anything in the school library, especially since I read Hunter Thompson's, Hells Angels @ 17-- that did it for me.

Know what though? I couldnt get into his political crap(fear & loathing), just like I couldnt get into PJ ORoarke or Dave Barry.

So click on the link  above and read a little(more) about this cat Burroughs, it wont hurt ya...


 PT is going back to NM where as he relays to me, "I'll be planted in Placitas."
emp mine.
Good to know ya.

Sorry ass ( ;


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Dad Bones said...

You're the juan in a hundred who makes his own writin' rules. Billy Burroughs was kinda like that, too.

(Bet he wouldn't like being called Billy.)

A- said...

Thanks Mr Gum !

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Mr Gum?

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